In Baltimore, more employers hiring formerly incarcerated people   

Running out of a church basement in East Baltimore, the non-profit, Turnaround Tuesday has a high success rate of finding jobs for ex-offenders. Its organizers focus on two main tasks: showing people that their past experiences provide unique work related skills and helping employers let go of stigmas about people with criminal records.

Rising conservative voices call for climate change action

CLIMATE-MARCH-DC-Care-for-Creation-e1494785395256Climate change is one of many issues seen as dividing Democrats and Republicans. A dominant wing of the GOP has denied climate change exists, as some Democrats have tried to reduce air pollution and push for alternative forms of energy. But meanwhile, some Republicans are also pushing for climate action.

U.S. builds first offshore wind farm


In the U.S. today, wind power accounts for about five percent of all electricity generation, but a new project aims to change that. A $300 million installation off the coast of Block Island, Rhode Island, takes the renewable energy technology out to sea. Gov. Gina Raimondo anticipates the project is the beginning of a new industry, but some locals are skeptical.

The opioid epidemic’s toll on women and their babies


The risk for overdose from opioid painkillers and heroin among women, including pregnant women, has skyrocketed,which means a growing number of babies are born dependent on opioids. NewsHour Weekend reports on the challenges for pregnant women struggling with addiction.


After long journey to Germany, refugees confront new challenge of integration

Screen-Shot-2015-09-20-at-2.28.58-PM-1024x572The United Nations this weekend said 80 percent of the migrants coming to Europe are from war-torn Syria, Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan. Recent refugees arriving in new countries face a challenge that will take much longer than the journey from their home countries: applying for asylum and integrating into a new home. NewsHour’s Saskia de Melker reports on how one Syrian family is confronting these challenges after arriving in Germany.

The Case for SexEd that Starts in Kindergarten

In the Netherlands,  all primary schools in the Netherlands must teach comprehensive sexuality education. You’ll never hear an explicit reference to sex in a kindergarten class.In fact, the term for what’s being taught here is sexuality education rather than sex education. 

Exonerated but not free: What do we owe the wrongfully convicted


In the US, state laws governing compensation for wrongfully convicted people vary significantly. While some states offer sizable packages for the exonerated, at least 20 offer nothing. And even for those that do, it may not be enough to make up for the emotional damage on those who’ve been wrongfully convicted.

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